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Gauging the state of construction industry is tricky at the best of the times, now, the task is even more difficult — and critical — than usual due to the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak.

The dependence of Singapore on China for labour and construction material will have impact on construction projects and companies have started to plan for the worst to cut their losses. You might be one of them who might be hard hit with the situation.

The current gauge of the impact of this Covid 19 outbreak on Singapore’s construction market is quite hard to be determined especially when we are still part of this crisis. However the slowdown in China’s economy is quite evident with over 40% dip in the average coal burn at major power companies in china. Three sectors —building materials, metals smelting and chemicals — have together accounted for around 54% of China’s overall electricity demand from these power companies in the past 5 years. It is certain that the supply chain of the construction materials will be disrupted and the impact will be seen in the coming weeks to months.

Some projects in Singapore have been severely affected directly due to the outbreak and have stopped work altogether, while some are threading ahead with caution and anxiety.

Growing anxiety

With growing anxiety from developers, main contractors, even subcontractors about when the situation will get better and what is the expected effect on timelines and losses emerging from this outbreak, taking a passive approach by waiting to see how situation unfolds is not effective. Proactive planning, Un-planning, replanning and establishing a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of various possible strategies is critical at this juncture.

Without planning, controlling costs will be impossible
Without planning, controlling costs will be impossible

While planning forms the central role in controlling the losses and to maximise the available resources, it does take significant effort and a niche skillset of Lean thinking from the team to recover from this unforeseen losses. It is imminent that without a proper plan most projects will bleed profusely as the situation unfolds in full extent.

Planning with Lean PlanDo has been effective in preparing for these losses for those companies who have internalised it. However there are only a few of them who are benefiting from this.

Clarity to move forward

While planning for the unknown is impossible, our team of experts at Lean Station are working with companies to continually reduce the risks in uncovering the unknown, and planning most effectively for the knowns by bringing the team together cohesively and collaborate towards the common purpose using the Lean + Digital approach of Lean PlanDo.

Lean PlanDo has evolved as a tool fit for this purpose which has allowed for use remotely where people have been quarantined or in LOA / SNH and to provide a real-time information availability for informed decision making.

Improved information availability with Lean PlanDo has helped in making timely informed decisions, saving costs and in avoiding unnecessary losses for companies

Announcing the “Lean PlanDo Covid 19” campaign

Lean Station is launching the “Lean PlanDo Covid 19” campaign for construction companies in Singapore to support them in their crucial construction projects to establish a plan and control measure with Lean PlanDo, supported by practising consultants at Lean Station to rapidly achieve mitigations measures to recover from these unforeseen delays.

In support of this situation Lean Station is offering a 50% co-investment (discount) on the Lean PlanDo licensing for up to a year for this recovery in these selected projects.

Community action to help Singapore overcome the COVID-19

Lean Station will also donate 10% of the earning proceeds from the campaign to SG United in recognition to efforts of selfless healthcare workers, other vulnerable seniors and low income families.

The offer will be available for one project per company for a full implementation in a project above a contract value of S$80M and exclusive for Singapore based projects. The offer is open for Building, Infra or Marine and selective O&G projects*. This offer will be available for those projects which are ongoing during the campaign period from 25 Feb 2020 to 31 Jul 2020.

Lean PlanDo offerings from Lean Station

If you are interested, please fill this form and one of our friendly staff will get back to you with more details.

*Please get in touch with us for more details.



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