Oracle Primavera P6 17.7 has a known bug that results in PMXML files not getting imported successfully.

The problem is that the import library is assuming that a valid Calendar ID is present for every task in the xml, and it does not invoke the code correctly to use the default Calendar if a task has no calendar associated with it.

The error will look something like below:

Primavera has openly reported a similar issue with importing MPP XML files as well.

The details can be found in this link:

There are other related errors logged related to import…

When we talk about the performance of a project, we usually look at factors such as time, cost and quality. This is the way that we have been measuring it for years now. Of course, these indicators present the overall current status of the project, but do they really give you any information on how to further improve your project performance?

Despite all the efforts that you have put in to monitor the project, all you know is how well the project is doing, but not about how well it could do! …

Building Construction Authority, Singapore (BCA) published Build Smart, a construction productivity magazine where Lean PlanDo was featured in Oct-Nov 2017 issue. The article titled ‘Inside the ICT Revolution’ ignited the current Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) framework which is projected to be the future of the global construction industry. A moment to reflect back from where we were and where we are heading towards, it is an exciting journey forward..

The construction industry is starting to stir as the global restrictions in place due to the crisis are being lifted, companies are thinking hard about how to resume operations.

Catchup/Recovery plans must cater for the challenges of an unreliable supply chain and depleted manpower globally. There will be a need of reprioritisation of works, reapplications of approvals and loads of paperwork resolved before activities on the site can be resumed. …

So now that you have decided to go LEAN with Lean PlanDo, this article should help you with getting started. The application is designed to be smooth and easy to use both on the web and the mobile. This article is a nice little guide to help the early stage users to get started and become power users. It is also a referral guide, a reminder guide or a guide that gets the new users interested. Here you go…

Creating the Project … It’s so easy !

There is no escaping here. The first thing you see after login is to create a new project.

With a few clicks and information from you, your first project will be ready.

Lean PlanDo asks…

It is with deep regret that we inform you that the upcoming Thought Sprouts session titled “Structures for the Human Mind” has been cancelled due to the extraordinary circumstances of our current time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this cancellation.

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Structures for the Human Mind

by Dr. Nguyen Thi Qui

Status: Cancelled

I’m pretty sure we were all looking forward to the upcoming Thought Sprouts session scheduled on April 7th. Alas, we had to reschedule the talk to April 14th due to some unavoidable circumstances. The updated details are mentioned below. Please join us, enjoy the talk and let’s grow together.

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Structures for the Human Mind

by Dr. Nguyen Thi Qui

Date: 14 Apr 2020, 22:30 SGT (20:00 IST)

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We’ve all read the articles that say “Messy people are more creative” or “Messy people are better problem solvers” or any of a hundred other titles. We read these titles and think that it’s ok to be messy because an article says so but we’ve all felt otherwise. We have always felt that our lives would be at least a little better if we were better organised. Maybe we could have found things faster or done things faster. The next session of Thought Sprouts aims at tackling this issue. The talk will show us frameworks / methods we can all…

Lean Station’s CEO and Co-founder Sharath Waikar gave a talk on lean-thinking and its benefits at the Ministry of Development, Brunei on Thursday, February 13, 2020. The event was conducted by the Institution of Surveyors, Engineers and Architects (PUJA) Brunei.

The talk aimed to introduce the concept of lean frameworks to construction companies for them to transform into a lean and digital company, aligned together with the Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) implementation roadmap of the Construction Industry Transformation Map (CITM).

The event was covered in “Bornea Bulletin”, the independent newspaper in Brunei Darussalam. Read more here.


Gauging the state of construction industry is tricky at the best of the times, now, the task is even more difficult — and critical — than usual due to the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak.

The dependence of Singapore on China for labour and construction material will have impact on construction projects and companies have started to plan for the worst to cut their losses. You might be one of them who might be hard hit with the situation.

The current gauge of the impact of this Covid 19 outbreak on Singapore’s construction market is quite hard to be determined especially…

Lean Station

Lean Station serves construction companies, both owners and contractors by helping them adopt lean practices to improve efficiencies and build new capabilities

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