Stop managing projects and start improving them

Lean construction is for process improvement

Process improvement is the core principle of Lean philosophy. It is all about observing the process, finding inefficiencies (or wastes) in these processes and eliminating these wastes to be more productive (+ lean).

Integrated Lean Project Delivery (ILPD) — The holistic approach for project delivery in the data era

ILPD uses a connection of macro & micro KPIs from both project and progress perspective as useful Insights. It provides a holistic picture about the overall project status as well as the performance of the core processes and the root-causes of low productivity. These Insights are based on data analytics and provide a neutral view about the project status.

WHAT? — Real-time Project Performance Insights

Take GPS as an example. GPS is a very useful tool for any driver in this century. Apart from showing the possible routes leading to the destination, GPS equips the driver with real-time critical information of their journey — current speed, ETA, traffic conditions and possible alternate routes.

HOW? — Weekly Progress Performance Insights

Any construction activity in project delivery needs to undergo the following procedure of processes on a weekly basis:

Figure 1 — Construct-to-Plan Reliability (CPR)

WHY? — Root-cause analysis

Identifying the reasons behind any failure is always a good learning process. They are the vital knowledge and the key to improvement!

Figure 2 — Lean PlanDo Insights: Weekly Commitments and Reliability
Figure 3 — Lean PlanDo system to implement Integrated Lean Project Delivery (ILPD)



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