Getting started with Lean PlanDo — the most advanced app for lean construction

Creating the Project … It’s so easy !

There is no escaping here. The first thing you see after login is to create a new project.

With a few clicks and information from you, your first project will be ready.

Masterplan explained …

Once the master schedule file is uploaded, just wait a few seconds and see the Masterplan unfold in front of you. The image below shows a typical masterplan with activity names and scheduled dates to the left and Gantt chart (bar chart) view to the right. Click on the ‘Gear icon’ besides the project name to access project settings. Rescheduling activities in masterplan before starting off any actual work in Lean PlanDo will reset their baseline dates as well.

The masterplan of your project

Collaborate on activities

A powerful feature Lean PlanDo provides is to collaborate on each and every activity and task. Start off a conversation on any activity. View the complete comment history from your team with a single click! Attach files and images to them for users to view and reply back.

Its all about the Dates

Lean PlanDo maintains 3 types of dates to an activity or task namely Base dates, Expected dates and Actual dates.

Accessing activity detail view

Accessing the Menu

You can single-click to show up the mini widget and access the various functions on an activity, task or constraint. Click View all details to open the detailed view.

Accessing activity detail view

The Lookahead

Most of the work you do will be in the lookahead. Use the lookahead to plan ahead in the project.

Planning activity by splitting into tasks
Adding constraint to an activity
Lookahead with activities split into tasks and planned with constraints.

Task commitment

Getting a plan in place is half the job done. The job is completed only when the work follows the plan. Getting users committed to their work is a process that makes projects productive and develops a positive culture within the team. Sub-contractors and site supervisors together review the current week’s plan and commit for only the achievable work for that week. The task is represented in orange once you commit it and it will start appearing in the weekly Do-list.

Committing tasks in Do-week to the Do-list

The Do-list

The Do-list consists of a list of all committed tasks and the constraints to be managed for that week. It allows users to view their weekly tasks and constraints and update their progress and status on a day to day basis. A task appears in red-colour if it hasn’t been updated for that date.

The Do-list

Updating constraints

Constraints are updated in the Lookahead or the Do-list by recording the completion dates for the intermediate steps called conditions as well as the status of the same.

Confirming the Do-week

This process is to confirm the progress update of all the tasks by all the sub-contractors and freeze the progress for the week. Any tasks without complete progress or any constraints with a missing update will be flagged to be updated by the users before the confirmation step is completed.

Workable backlog



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