Decoding Construction: fractal by nature?

Planning is a central function for influencing the outcome of construction
Paul Jackson Pollock by Photographer Hans Namuth
LIFE magazine called Jackson Pollock artist of the century
Number 5, 1948 — a prime example of the style of drip paining and an epitome of abstract expressionism
How different are these from the painting?
The painting at any scale has the same level of complexity and the complexity at the small scale is a very good representation of the larger picture
A chambered nautilus shell — a golden ratio fractal
Ice crystals are fractals — most beautiful and delicate
20 times magnification of dendritic copper crystals forming — Fractals
Fractal in trees
Tree grows with simple rules of grow and branch to maximize the sun the leaves can get to synthesize food
A sample from the Mandelbrot set, as system of circles and swirls repeats itself over and over again forming the larger picture
Another sample from the Mandelbrot set, with slightly different rules but the same shapes deriving a completely new picture
Reliable rules for a getting the construction fractal as planned
Weekly baskets of Should do, Can do, Will do and Did
Weekly performance metrics that needs to be tracked for achieving the planned construction fractal
Weekly list of constraints that needs to be tacked for a task illustrated for a easier problem identification



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