BCA Build Smart — a retro perspective on Lean PlanDo

Building Construction Authority, Singapore (BCA) published Build Smart, a construction productivity magazine where Lean PlanDo was featured in Oct-Nov 2017 issue. The article titled ‘Inside the ICT Revolution’ ignited the current Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) framework which is projected to be the future of the global construction industry. A moment to reflect back from where we were and where we are heading towards, it is an exciting journey forward..

For main contractors like Hexacon Construction Pte Ltd, project conditions are dynamic, which give rise to many unforeseen circumstances. Such situations decrease productivity and increase downtime. This motivated the company to adopt a Lean Construction Management software, Lean PlanDo.

Twelve months into the company’s transition, Mr Jason Yeo, Project Manager, has observed that constraints are better managed, as staff can anticipate and resolve issues in advance. All parties are also clear about each others’ areas of responsibilities, which helps them carry out various duties in sync and more effectively. “This minimises time wastage, and we are able to utilise our resources better,” adds Mr Yeo.

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